Our body care products are made with the finest ingredients. Quality essentials oils are slected and mixed with natural herbs to give you the purest scents.


Artisan crafted one of a kind jewelry is our passion. Pride is poured into each handcrafted piece so that you feel like a Goddess each time you wear it.

Love and light are in each spell we make. Our spells always include detailed instructions for easy use. Tarot card readings are given by a credited reader to assure you a accurate reading.

All of our decor is made with the moto in mind that if we wouldn't proudly place it in our own home or on us it shouldn't be in your home or on you!  

A New Generation of crafting.

My personal promise to you...

    All to often in life we become consumed in the everyday hustle and bustle and lose sight of whats important. I want you to know that you are important to us and not just a number. That's why every piece we craft is set to the highest standards.  You deserve the same interaction on this page as you would in person this way your order is always right so feel free to send us a email with any questions or concerns and we will respond ASAP. I make most of our products sold on this site, I also make a sample of each to try on myself. I wouldn't sell you something I wouldn't use. Since the jewelry is handcrafted and original, the site is keep up to date you you never order something out of stock.  Order with confidence knowing that your privacy and any information will never be shared. As a practicing Witch and High Priestess of Raven Coven I understand the value behind a promise, and thats why I offer you mine.

                                         )O( Aoibhin

Our Products:

  • Are accurate
  • Contain quality ingredients
  • Are artisan crafted
  • Never animal tested
  • Are proudly Pagan

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